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Chapter 22 - Loving Arms

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Okay, we start again, picking up with Cassie and Georgio in Greece.  They are staying with his sister Athena (Tena for short) in Karystos, a suburb of Athens.

For the next month or so I will be posting every other Friday in an attempt to get a few chapters ahead of you all, but after that we will go back to normal posting as long as I think anyone is reading.

I hope you enjoy this chapter and the new banner I did for the story!

Loving Arms…

The first thing Cassie became aware of was soft wisps of air stirring the tiny hairs on the back of her neck. It was a curious ticklish sensation, like a feather teasing her sensitive skin. She lay with her eyes closed; enjoying the sensation, wishing that she never had to move.

Georgio’s arms held her to him; wrapped in his warm embrace Cassie sighed and tried to melt into those strong arms. It was quiet, the room still mostly dark but whether it was because it was still too early for the sun to poke above the horizon or because there were shades on the windows she didn’t know. All she knew was that she was exactly where she wanted to be and it was the best feeling ever.

Cassie shifted until she had turned around in his arms. She wrapped an arm around his trim waist and snuggled closer and breathed in deeply, loving the warm, sleepy scent of him. She placed a tender kiss on his shoulder, her lips merely brushing against the warm skin in a feather-like touch.

She felt rather than heard the subtle change in his breathing as he began to wake up. Cassie’s heart skipped a beat or two as she waited for him to open his eyes; one smile would be all it took to make everything right with her world.

His lips lightly grazed her forehead; quick butterfly kisses that made her heart flutter with excitement before they skimmed down her nose and finally settled on warm lips. “Good morning love,” he murmured, his breath warm and sweet. “Sleep well?”

“Why yes I did. You?”

She felt a rumble against her chest and realized he was chuckling. “Never better.” His lips dipped down and nuzzled against her neck and she stretched it out to make it easier for him to reach.

Cassie sucked in a sharp breath when she felt his tongue stroking along the length of her neck and a shiver crept along her spine as his tongue dipped lower, stopping just above her collarbone.

“Georgio, that feels wonderful,” she whispered as she ran her hands over his shoulders, feeling the taut muscles flex beneath her fingers.

Georgio’s searching lips traveled upwards to capture her lips again in a loving kiss that melted her heart. She opened herself to him and thrilled as his kiss deepened, sending an immediate response that left her shaky and aching for more.

Georgio pulled back for a moment and cupped he face with his hands, looking deeply into her eyes. Cassie met his look honestly, letting her desire for him shine brightly in the mysterious green depths of her eyes. It was all he needed and his mouth captured hers, his lips molding hers, his tongue stroking her lips, begging for an invitation to the warmth of her mouth.

Cassie felt her breath catch in her throat as his velvety tongue sought hers, stroking along the honeyed warmth of her mouth. She couldn’t hold back, her tongue meeting his in a challenge of delightful anticipation as they both felt desire building between them.

Georgio pulled her against him, running his hands over her rounded derriere and hips. He could feel the heat of her skin through the cool satin of her nightgown as his fingers massaged her enticingly. She pushed her hips against him and shivered as she felt his hardened body riding against her belly.

“I’m wearing too many clothes, so are you actually,” she told him as she ran her finger around the waistband of his pajama bottoms. “Let’s do something about it, hm?” She started working the pajamas down over his hips and managed to tug them off of his body in only a few seconds. “Well, that part is done,” she cooed into his ear before lightly nipping at his earlobe.

Georgio started at the silken fabric that clung to her legs and teased the fabric slowly upwards. His hands stopped to play as he caressed the velvety skin behind her knee and the gentle curve of her thighs. As he glided the wispy material over her hips she could not contain her desire any longer and a long moan escaped her lips. “Um, Georgio, please!”

He smiled to himself and slipped lower in the bed and brushed his lips over her hip bone and was rewarded by a shiver and another moan. He kissed his way across her tummy, sweet and urgent butterfly kisses that made her stomach muscles contract with the contact.

Inch by inch, he slowly worked the silk upwards, his lips following his fingers causing Cassie’s heart to pound furiously in her ears. She was sure that he must hear it because it was so loud. She looked down at him as he caught a rosy nipple between his lips and her heart pounded even harder. She was shaking with desire and felt as if she were losing her mind; she needed him now and he was driving her mad with passion.

Finally he slipped the gown over her shoulders and head and it dropped to the floor in a whisper of silk, forgotten by them both. His mouth claimed hers again and she welcomed him into the warmth. His velvety tongue caressed hers and stroked until she was crazy for him, panting with desire.

His hand dipped down to the aching core of her, wet with her craving for him. It was like a fever, she was burning for his touch and she whispered her desire to him. “Georgio, please, I need you now!”

She felt him smile against her breast; he was lightly nipping the underside, alternately licking and biting gently. Both her nipples felt like pebbles and she hungered to feel his mouth on them again. As if he read her mind he stroked his tongue upwards and drew small circles around her nipple and then gently blew on it. The air felt cool against the raging heat of her body and all she could do was beg for him to take her, but he had other ideas.

Georgio slid down further in the bed and tenderly spread her thighs before dipping his head to the drenched valley between them. He inhaled the sweet fragrance of her and kissed the delectable wetness, licking with long, slow strokes that took her breath away. Her hips were bucking against him and he laid an arm across her hips in order to hold her still so that he could lap at the aroused nub that guarded the entrance to her delicious valley.

“Now Georgio, I need you now!” she sobbed, almost to the breaking point and before she got all the words out she fell over the edge, tumbling wildly with the orgasm that shook her very soul.

The kisses became softer and finally stopped momentarily as he moved up the bed and pulled her to him. She was trembling uncontrollably and wrapped her arms around him, hanging on tightly as she tried to just breathe.

When she calmed down a bit he claimed her mouth again, rubbing his tongue against her passion filled lips. She opened her mouth to him completely and plunged her tongue into his mouth, exploring every delicious inch she could reach. She felt his body shift into a comfortable position between her legs and for the first time felt his hardened length demanding entrance to her excited flesh.

Cassie shifted in the bed, spreading her legs wider to accommodate him. He felt huge against her and she pushed her hips upward in an attempt to beckon him to enter her.

Georgio was only too happy to give in; one smooth push and he was seated inside her warmth and wetness. He paused for a moment as the both tried to catch their breaths because he was now panting as hard as she was. She felt exquisite; hot and tight, her body was gripping him firmly and he knew it was going to be hard to control his own passion while making sure that she reached her own.

Georgio groaned against her lips and she answered with a soft moan. “Cassie, you are so tight honey, I’ll do my best,” he whispered against her ear. His lips took advantage of it and traced the rim of it, teasing her lobe with the tip of his tongue before nipping gently at it.

His body started to move of its own accord; his body striking a comfortable rhythm for them both. Slowly and deeply, he plumbed the depths of her body, squeezing his eyes tightly in an effort to distract himself. She felt so good and he was so close.

Cassie stroked Georgio’s strong back and thrilled to be able to touch him like this. His body was buried deeply within hers and she felt her muscles squeezing him tightly. Each time he withdrew she ached more for him and rejoiced when she felt him bury himself deeply in her again.

Both were unaware when her nails scratched his back; both were unaware of when she wrapped her legs around his hips and moved against him insistently, quickening the heated pace between them. Finally they both reached the point of no return, and they clung together as their bodies entwined around one another and finally floated back down to earth.

Georgio was loath to leave the warmth of her but he was concerned that he was putting too much weight on her. He rolled off of her and pulled her with him so that their contact wouldn’t be broken. They were both slick with sweat and the remains of their spent passion and both thought nothing had ever felt better.

“Wow!” Cassie finally said when she caught her breath.

“Yeah, wow indeed,” he murmured in agreement. He kissed her for a moment, trying to let her know how much he loved her and realized it wasn’t enough. “Cassie, I love you darling, I adore you.”

“Ditto,” she said, wearing an impish grin.

“Ditto? That’s all I get?”

“You wore me out, I don’t have the energy to say anything else!” she teased.

“Yet you could say all that?” He laughed and she felt his fingers creep down her side, tickling her easily.

She started to squirm; she was very ticklish and before long she was laughing crazily, almost shrieking with happiness. “Oh okay. I can tell you’re a poor sport! I love you. I adore you!” she said before she kissed him.

“Uh excuse me, but I said ‘darling’,” he pushed.

“Darling, dearest, my love, my joy and my happiness. Forever,” she added and Georgio saw tears glinting in her grass green eyes.

“’I’ll never let you go Cassie. You are a part of me now.”

“Thank God.”


An hour later they had showered and were dressed and headed downstairs to find some breakfast. Tena was already in the kitchen, slicing fresh bread. A bowl of fresh fruit graced the table and Cassie licked her lips in anticipation.

“Georgie, there is coffee on the counter. Cassie, would you like some juice to go with your coffee and breakfast?”

“Sure. I’ll get it,” she said and started looking for glasses. Tena pointed to a cabinet near her and Cassie grabbed three glasses and found the pitcher of juice in the fridge. She carried it all to the table which made Georgio frown; it was too heavy for her to be carrying all of that. She caught him frowning at her and she stuck her tongue out at him which caused him to laugh.

Tena caught all of it and smiled. She was delighted that her baby brother was happy, that he had found this incredible woman to share his life. It made her ache for Damon’s swift return. Not much longer now she acknowledged.

As if he could read her mind Georgio asked, “When does Damon get home today?”

“His flight gets in at 5:07 pm. I will be very glad to have him home, let me tell you. I want to go and see Dimitri to see how he is faring today. Would you like to accompany me?” she asked, taking a sip of her coffee. Georgio nodded his answer and took a bite of the melon and chewed it.

Cassie took a sip of her coffee and fell in love with it; some type of dark and flavorful blend that was delicious. She inhaled the lovely fragrance and sighed with pleasure.

Both Georgio and Tena smile at her obvious enjoyment. “It is a Turkish blend that I have ground especially for Damon and me. I think you like it?”

“Very much Tena. Very dark and yet incredibly smooth. It is perfect!” she declared.

“I send it to Georgio all the time, so I’ll make sure to include a package for you. Unless of course you will be living at his house; if so, I’ll just send double there!” she said with a sly grin.

“Why don’t you do that Tena,” Georgio laughed, not giving her any more information. The truth was he was planning to marry this girl but he didn’t want to scare her by going too fast.

Cassie saw the sparkle in his eyes and watched him laugh and wondered about it. Was he going to propose? Would she say yes?



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